A Beginner’s Guide to PokerSnowie AI

A Beginner's Guide to PokerSnowie AI

Advanced Poker Analysis with PokerSnowie

Training Modes

Once you have downloaded PokerSnowie, the first thing you’re going to do is go to training. There are multiple ways you can train. If you play tournaments, you could train a freeze out. If you play cash games, you could click on the cash game.

Freeze Out Training

The freeze out mode allows you to simulate a sit and go format where people bust out and you can practice playing increasing blinds.

Cash Game Training

In the cash game mode, you can simulate any blind size you want. For example, if you play one two blinds, you can simulate 100 big blinds. You can also set the auto rebuy to Max threshold. This means if you dip below a certain percentage of your stack, it will re-buy you up to 100 big blinds.

Live Advice: How to Interpret PokerSnowie’s AI Recommendations

Once you have set up your training mode, you can turn live advice on. This feature will tell you what to do in the bottom left corner. You can toggle between these bet sizes: quarter pot, half pot, one pot, 2x pot. Depending on your bet size, it will tell you the right strategy. You can see the EV (Expected Value) in the bottom left corner. Folding is always neutral, so it’s zero EV.

Using PokerSnowie for Pre-flop Play

PokerSnowie is super helpful for basic pre-flop play. You can right-click on the little box next to your player number and go to pre-flop advice. This will tell you, based on your raise size, which hands to raise that amount.

Using PokerSnowie for Post-flop Play

PokerSnowie can also help you with post-flop play. For example, if you’re facing a 3X open under the gun, you can click on Range advice, and it’ll tell you what the right strategy is.

For example, on a Jack 7 5 board, PokerSnowie values raising with pocket tens. It might raise on this flop because this board is better for the caller’s range, or because it doesn’t want the under the gun player to continue barreling on multiple turns.

Author: Douglas Jones