Betsson extends Super League 2 Sponsorship in Greece

Betsson extends Super League 2 Sponsorship in Greece

Betsson is once again sponsoring the second division league of professional football in Greece which will thus continue to be referred to as the Betsson Super League 2

Betsson actively supports Greek football and will be supporting the 30 teams participating in the championship throughout the 2022-2023 season.

The company will be present at all the stadiums of the League by offering fun and entertainment to the spectators.

Betsson’s partnership with Betsson Super League 2 aims to further develop sports in Greece and support it in every possible way.

Thanos Marinos, Managing Director for, said that: “Betsson SuperLeague 2 is one of our favorite sponsorships, as it allows us to support an event that geographically covers the entirety of Greece and consists of teams and football players who go all in to become champions!

“This is the second year that the Betsson Super league 2 will feature Betsson’s colors. We are excited, and we are not alone – the organizing body, the League’s president Leonidas Leoutsakos, and all the teams are geared up to make this season one to remember and to uphold the virtue of fair play throughout the competition.

“All of us at Betsson wish a good league to all the players participating in the Betsson Super league 2 and we are eagerly awaiting to be with the fans in the football stadiums.”



Author: Douglas Jones