Statistics from over 20 countries – Most bets on Argentina to win World Cup

Statistics from over 20 countries – Most bets on Argentina to win World Cup

Brazil wins the World Cup and Harry Kane the top scorer of the tournament, at least according to Betsson’s odds prior to the World Cup in Qatar. However, most bets are on the neighbouring country Argentina to win the world cup for the third time. Swedish players differ from the rest of the world, where instead Germany is the favourite team to bet on and Denmark stands out as the fourth most played team to win.

Ahead of the Football World Cup, the betting company Betsson has compiled statistics from over 20 countries in which the company operates in. Most bets are on the classic football nations – Brazil, Argentina, France and Germany. Close to 80% of the players have put their money on these four countries.

If the odds are correct, Harry Kane will be the tournament’s top scorer, but most bets are on Messi, followed by Neymar and Lautaro Martinez. England’s striker Kane is to be found on fourth place in terms of number of bets played.

Top 10 winner-bets of world cup (in terms of bets)

Argentina: 40%
Brazil: 25%
France: 9.5%
Germany: 4.7%
England: 4.2%
Portugal: 4.5%
Denmark: 3%
Uruguay: 2,9%
Netherlands: 2,1%
Belgium: 2%

Top 10 striker (in terms of bets)

Lionel Messi: 23%
Neymar: 12%
Lautaro Martinez: 8%
Kylian Mbappé: 7%
Harry Kane: 7%
Richarlison: 7%
Memphis Depay: 6%
Karim Benzema: 5%
Cristiano Ronaldo: 4%
Robert Lewandowski 1.5%

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Author: Douglas Jones